Annette Francis-Barnett


With over 30 years’ experience, Annette is a seasoned Attorney-at-Law, always aiming to provide exceptional service while prioritizing client relationships.  She has wide ranging expertise, covering the areas of Estate Planning, Wills,  Trusts, Estate Administration, Real Estate Transactions, Real Estate Developments , Transfer Tax and Stamp Duties and Corporate and Commercial matters.

Annette’s extensive knowledge in the realm of Estates sees her unravelling the complexities of planning and administration for testators, executors, and beneficiaries.  She can be counted on to steadily guide executors and administrators as to their duties and obligations in the estate administration process, the costs and expenses of administration, the documentation to effect transfers to beneficiaries or sale of estate assets  and all that is required for a smooth delivery of wealth to beneficiaries, in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Annette works closely with the Firm’s  Litigation and Commercial Law Departments to ensure that the interest of  her clients is  thoroughly guarded through every process. 

Well, known for her collaborative and affable nature, Annette has worked with a diverse range of clients, including executors for local and international estates, Attorneys-at-Law, beneficiaries in various countries, and individuals with interests in foreign assets. Her experience in navigating complex legal issues such as conflict of laws scenarios,  estate taxation issues, allocation of assets, duties of executors and trustees in the management of assets and tax considerations allows her to provide comprehensive solutions to her clients. 

Annette’s passion for all matters relating to land sees her equally well versed in the areas of Real Estate and Real Estate Development. Her services include applications for first registration of lands, sub-divisions, splinter titles, strata titles and all applications under the Registration of Titles Act.  She is also frequently involved in the preparation and review of  sale/ purchase agreements, development agreements and generally guiding clients to ensure compliance and protection of their interests. Further services include matters affecting sitting tenants, restrictive covenants, caveats, encroachments, and property taxes.

Annette is involved in various professional organizations, which reflects her commitment to the legal community. She has actively served in the Jamaican Bar Association and is an Adjunct Tutor at the Norman Manley Law School. On a broader level, she has served as a member of the Air Jamaica Building  Strata Executive Committee and the JAMPRO Pension Fund Board as Chairman for several years. 

In her spare time, Annette enjoys the privilege of being Jamaican (the resilient spirit of the Jamaican people, art, music, culture, sports, and the breathtaking scenery), international travel, hiking, cooking, and spending quality time with her family and friends.